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Aleida Heinz, an expert on sexology
Por: Celeste Cámara de Saavedra

“To talk about sex, even in current times, is still taboo for many couples, and this is however, one of the principal factors that deteriorate a couple’s relationship”. This is what Aleida Heinz de Briceno, an expert sexologist, tells us. Aleida is not only an expert on this topic but also on homosexual and couple’s therapies.

“I was always interested in these topics, but when my first marriage (which was a good marriage) fell apart, I did not find the necessary help in counseling”, Aleida is a sexologist not afraid to say what is in her mind. “Due to that experience, I decided to study sexology and analytical psychology more profoundly to better understand the dynamics between couples, why do relationships fall apart, and what can be done so a couple can remain together”.

But, who is Aleida?
This elegant Dr., native of Caracas, Venezuela, counts with an international certification from Universidad de Flores from Buenos Aires, Argentina which is recognized by the Institute Albert Ellis from New York. She also has a master’s from ” Psychiatric, Psychological and Sexologists Investigation Center” from Venezuela and a degree from Brigham Young University from Utha.

Aleida has also work in workshops with Dr Frank Dattilio in topics related to couples and families and she held a private practice in Caracas. Aleida has participated as guest in many radio and TV programs in Venezuela in topics about sex and couple’s therapy.

Aleida is also a member of the “National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality” NARTH.

A new city
Aleida Heinz currently resides in North Carolina, place where she decided to live after spending 10 years outside the United States.

“I decided to come back to the US after reconnecting with and old boyfriend I had in Caracas and getting married shortly after. Now I live with my soul mate, my perfect love, in the perfect city”, say Heinz.

Currently, the sexologist who is still enjoying her honeymoon plans to finish her PhD in sexual therapy and to obtain all required licenses to start a practice in the United States.

Tips to improve sex in couples
1 – Increase intimacy; Get closer to your partner.
2 – Kiss more. Kissing ignites passion.
3 – Be tender. To be delicate is fundamental. Caress your partner’s body.
4 – Ask. Express what you want, do not be afraid?
5 - Stay together after sex.

What men should not do during sex?
1 – Do not take her for granted.
2 – Do not mention another woman’s name.
3 – Make sure she has an orgasm.


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